Nails of The Week

This is a brand new brand of nail polish I haven’t seen before! Just discovered it recently at Bed Bath and Beyond! So far it’s working well, but the only con is, I needed more layers to get this look. However, it dries fast in smaller layers but I think I need a blue background to do less layers than the White base coat by Sinful Colors. I like the iridescent purple in it and big blue sequins πŸ™‚ I think the cap looks cool too, also reminds me of the tip of a chromosome with the black and white lines! Best part it was on sale that day!



Base coat is “Snow Me White” by Sinful Colors and the glitter top coat is “Northern Lights by Kokie!


Winter Dance 2019!

My school had yet another winter dance this year! I loved seeing all the fancy dresses, many were so beautiful! I had a blast and dressing up was a neat treat πŸ™‚ The dress I have is from JC Penny. I waited months for it to go on sale and finally got it for a bargain in the summer. Been waiting 6 months to finally get to wear it!!! It fits well and looks good with my extra-sheer black tights from Marden’s. I paired it with my pearl necklace and it has a shrug that matches, but wanted to show you the dress in full πŸ™‚ You can’t see, but I’m wearing my big blue hair clip with blue rhinestones in a butterfly and flower patterns! It was a chilly walk there and back too, and I stayed up later than usual, but it was all worth it! I also got an amazing new camera much better than the grainy pics my phone takes, so I got amazing pics of this dance, as the first event to test it out on! The stakes were high, but it pulled through! It even auto adjusted the exposure from the dark dance room to outside! πŸ™‚


Dress: JC Penny, Studio One brand

Tights: Marden’s

Necklace: JC Penny, Vieste brand

JC Penny Super-Bargain!

I got this dress for $6 down from $74 at full price!!!! It fits perfectly, and has this nice blue pattern on it over white which looks cool. I love the style and the fabric is that nice thick fabric for professional wear. To dress it up, I paired it with sheer tights and my black fancy shrug! It could also be made to look more spring and summer like by pairing it with my white shrug and white tights as well! It was on clearance, then 50% off the clearance price, then I had a $10 off $25 coupon! πŸ™‚


Dress: JC Penny, Danny and Nicole brand

Tights: Marden’s

Shrug: Yard Sale

Nails of The Week

These nails are the same as the lighter purple nails from a previous Nails of The Week, only with a darker purple base coat! This more plum purple look is good for fall and winter, whereas the lighter version is better in spring:) Goes well too with my plum purple wardrobe. I love the Sally Hansen glitter and it goes extremely well with this color palette. Overall another great look!



The base coat is “Forbidden Fruit” by Sinful Colors and the glitter top coat is “Grape Shifter” by Sally Hansen…

New Outfit Combo!

I got this new shirt I’m wearing now at Burlington Coat Factory! I love the floral pattern, and it goes great with my pink cardigan as seen here. Also, it tucks in well into skirts, like my brown winter skirt πŸ™‚ It would also go well with pink skirts and pinks and reds in general… The fabric is very high quality, like business attire fabric, and has a nice thicker, heavier feel which indicates it’s more durable and not cheap at all despite getting it for a bargain! Also like the twisted accent in front to add some folds and texture. Overall a great shirt to pair with whites, blacks, reds and pinks! πŸ™‚


Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory, Tommy Hilfiger brand

Skirt: Savers, Talbots brand

Cardigan: H and M

Happy New Year!

I wore this fancy party dress for the new year πŸ™‚ It’s black and white, with nice pearls on the neckline, so I didn’t even need a necklace! You can’t see it, but the black top with the black lace overlay has black sequins on it as well! The hi-low style of the bottom is rarer for my wardrobe, as I prefer even hems, but this was low enough and not extreme enough to say no to… I really like the ruffle design on the bottom also as it makes it more fancy and less ordinary looking. I paired it with my black sheer tights, white shoes and a black shrug to carry the black and white theme through πŸ™‚ Great for a party!


Dress: Burlington Coat Factory

Tights: Target, A New Day brand

Shrug: Yard Sale

Shoes: Kohl’s, SO (Β Authentic American Heritage) brand

Nails of The Week

These nails are Christmas themed! I paired my burgundy base coat with white on the ends of my nails then put white glitter on the white part! The goal was to resemble Santa’s hat or outfit πŸ™‚ Pretty clever huh??? I greatly recommend this look for the holidays and even into New Year! πŸ™‚ I used a new bottle of Sally Hansen white translucent glitter. It came out really well, better than my old bottle that was not nearly as high quality or as much glitter! Very pleased and got it as a stocking stuffer πŸ™‚ The glitter is a bit hard to see in the photo, but it’s there!



The white is called “Snow Me White” and the burgundy is called “Aubergine” by Sinful Colors and the glitter coat is “Disco Ball” by Sally Hansen